Friday, March 20, 2009

CD Review: TAAQ/This is It

Thermal and a Quarter
This is It
TAAQ Music

Thermal and a Quarter have, in 11-plus years, built up a formidable reputation of being a fantastic live band. So it’s slightly unnerving when the title track – and the first song – on This is It, hints at goodbyes to live shows (“Look into those front row eyes/Make your little goodbyes”). But that doesn’t stop the entire album from sounding all nice and happy, TAAQ-style. The intricately-layered sound, while not radically different from their past albums - especially 2004’s Plan B – captures the energy of their live shows very well. The troika of Bruce Lee Mani, Rzhude David and Rajeev Rajagopal keeps the proceedings very tight. Highlights of the album are the groovy “Holy Jose” (the bouncy bassline will have you moving in no time); “How Can I Get Your Groove” (with a superb lead constructed of notes rolling off the fretboard) and “This is It”. Don’t let the monstrous roach on the front stop you from reaching out for this great album.

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