Friday, March 20, 2009

CD Review: MyndSnare - Conditioned: Human

Conditioned: Human
Demonstealer Records

In the eight thrashing years that they’ve been around, Bengaluru band MyndSnare have evolved to be one of the best technical metal groups in the country. And Conditioned: Human, their debut full-length album – they have released two demo EPs in the past – stands as solid proof of that. Between the three of them, vocalist/guitarist Kadangode Padmanabhan Krishnamoorthy alias KP, drummer Yasmin Claire and bassist Sandesh Nagaraj whip up a formidable storm of angry vocals, maniacal skinbashing and abrasive riffs. The way the trio fill out the sound is incredible – at no point during the 40-odd minutes of Conditioned: Human does one really miss a fourth member. And all ye cynics, yes, the band is equally skilled during live performances. Speaking of which, while the production on this album is crisp, it never loses out on the “live” sound. Stand-out tracks on an album that’s chock-a-block with odd time signatures and “turn-of-a-dime” pace changes, include ‘Temporal Movements,’ ‘Altar-Ego’ and ‘Mirror of Nothingness.’ Conditioned: Human is going to be the bar that a lot of metal acts in India will be measured by.

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